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We are passionate about our mission to provide families and businesses with forward-looking and innovative financial strategies. Our solutions are designed to offer clarity in achieving the retirement lifestyle that you have worked so hard to prepare. At Grimard Financial Group, our tenets start with a commitment to our clients and the life-long relationship that we build together.

Tax experts expect there may soon be tax increases. Perhaps one of the most impactful pieces of retirement planning is determining your current and future tax liability to develop strategies that will minimize your tax obligations during retirement. Grimard Financial offers solutions to help minimize tax burdens and build a solid foundation that can provide years—even decades—of tax savings. The time is NOW to take advantage of our exclusive tax analysis. Watch our video to learn more.

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Check out our calculators and data tools!

Check out our calculators and data tools!

At Grimard Financial, we don’t seek to “set it and forget it” when we develop a financial plan. Your financial journey is a long and winding road. Ensuring that you have access to tools and information is a big part of our business.

We’ve gathered and created many helpful resources such as calculators for inflation, mortgage interest, cash flow, and beyond so that you can participate at your leisure or share with anyone who might find them helpful. At any point, if you would like to take a deeper dive into any of these numbers, give us a call.


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Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops

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What is the Secure Act and How Could it Affect You?

What is the Secure Act and How Could it Affect You?

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act is now law. With it, comes some of the biggest changes to retirement savings law in recent years. Download our latest guide to learn about the effects on you or your family member’s IRAs, annuity options, RMDs, 529 qualified distributions, and more.

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