Grimard Financial Group is a retirement income services firm serving New Hampshire and the surrounding communities. We aim to provide exceptional retirement and income strategies to those nearing or already enjoying retirement through the use of fixed insurance products and techniques.


Bob and Dawn Grimard have been working with clients for over 15 years providing detailed and customized services. In these challenging times we aim to create an awareness of solutions for retirees and pre-retirees for their estate and overall financial plans. We work with local CPA’s and Attorneys to help maximize the estate value and provide positive options for consideration through seminars and individual attention. Our programs help people to be more confident about their retirement savings strategies. With our help, clients can make better educated decisions to achieve financial goals. At Grimard Financial Group, you can expect professional treatment for all of your needs.


  • Show you how to use life insurance and annuity products to generate retirement income and leave a legacy for your heirs
  • Show you how you may receive tax free income using life insurance
  • Show you ways to pay for long-term care without buying a traditional long term care policy
  • Show you ways to protect a portion of your money from a volatile stock market
  • Educate you on ways to you maximize your Social Security Benefits
  • Show you ways to protect your assets from probate and unnecessary taxes
  • Show you how insurance and annuity products can offer you opportunities to grow your funds without losses due to the market

Income-tax-free distributions are achieved by withdrawing to the cost basis (premiums paid), then using policy loans. Loans and withdrawals may generate an income tax liability, reduce available cash value, and reduce the death benefit, or cause the policy to lapse. This assumes the policy qualifies as life insurance and is not a modified endowment contract.
Annuity withdrawals are subject to ordinary income taxes, and if taken before age 59-1/2, to an additional 10% federal penalty.
Some policies offer additional benefits and riders for long-term care needs and other expenses. These often come at an additional cost for these benefits.
Life Insurance and annuities involve fees and charges, including surrender charges for early withdrawals. Carefully review all information about the product, its costs, terms, and limitations before making a purchasing decision.